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How to Attract a
Real Man

I  imagined a world where men were real men who looked after and protected women and put women's welfare first. At first it seemed like a dream until I started to adapt my behaviours. I was startled and amazed by the transformation these, often tiny ,changes in behaviour caused in my life and I feel compelled to share the techniques and secrets with other women.6
If you truly want to live as a liberated woman, this is a MUST read for you …... but you will have to read with your intellect and an open enquiring mind to benefit. The Guide takes you through each surprising step , using spiritual coaching techniques, highlighting the mistakes and misunderstandings that women are apt to be vulnerable to, and provides a series of techniques and approaches that will make you attractive to a real man, no matter what you look like or how old you are.  Are you ready?  
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Will the Real Men
please stand up......
For me there didn't seem to be any real men left in the world and I missed that. Life as a strong independant woman was very hard and I became very tired and frightened as I grew older and was not as physically strong. I became afraid of being alone. I became frightened by the realisations that were laid bare in front of me very clearly. I was worried that, by voicing my opinion, I may inadvertantly sabotage the efforts and achievements of women through the ages so I contacted Erin Pizey, the woman who launched the Women's Aid Refuge supporting women who were victims of violence. I shared my concerns with Erin and she absolutely agreed that some elements of the women's liberation belief structure encouraged violence against women.
After my conversation with Erin Pizey, I decided to let my thoughts loose in the world and put myself in God's hands. I was amazed to discover that most of the women I talked to were feeling pretty fed up with so called 'women's liberation' but couldn't see an alternative. Well, here is the alternative........
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Were we misguided?

I've been in two minds about sharing the publication ' How to Attract a Real Man' because, what I have discovered in the last few years contradicts many of the established principles of the women's liberation movement. Films that I have watched this week e.g. Suffragette and Shirley Valentine have reminded me. in different ways, of how desperately hard women have had to fight for their rights in a world dominated by men. I have upmost admiration for these women who risked all, and sometimes sacrificed their lives for the right to vote. And for the achievements of women in the workplace, who have been successful in holding down a career. I imagined that women could really have their cake and eat it, but my imagination took me down a different route.............
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Are we  being conned by Women's Lib?

Circumstances, which are explained in the publication, made me really start to question whether all the beliefs of women's lib actually achieved what they had set out to do. It seemed to me that , far from being liberated, women often now had two jobs, with the prime responsibility for running the home and looking after children, as well as holding down a job. I did exactly that for many years and was exhausted. In fact ,women don't seem to have a choice about whether they want to work or not these days. Often two wages are needed to pay all the bills. Other career women can't or won't have a family because it affects their career. Then they find themselves running out of time and being essentially barren by choice..
I want to make a distinction between women's lib and equal pay, for women who wish to work, or the right to vote, both of which I wholeheartedly support. To some extent I have been one of those women who believed in women's lib. I have wanted both a family and a career and an education. I wanted to live a life full of challenge and never look back regretting something I was too frightened or lazy to do. I have realised that I intimidated many men by challenging their authority and also attracted weak men who leaned on me because I was a strong independent women..
When I was at the lowest point in my life where my approach did not get me what I really wanted in life, I had no choice but to try something different. The life I lead now truly is liberated. I work doing things I enjoy. When there is a problem my husband steps in and sorts things out so that I don;t have stress. I am free to travel when and where I want. Finances aren't a problem. Life is a magical mystery tour since I adopted a completely different attitude to men and to myself. Come and join me, if you have the courage.
'How to Attract a Real Man --
Picture Jenia Emmanuelle, Actress, Singer Songwriter